Saturday, April 18, 2009


why am i so bad at blogging? i just can't figure it out.  you would think being across the country from family i would want them to see what we're up to...  but that's what cell phones are for.  i'm just lazy, that's all it is!  i know it's REALLY BAD when other husbands from the ward tell me how long it's been since my last post. (you know who you are)  :)  eventually i hope to make a real post and back date everything that's been going on, but for now this is what you get...

*our friend riley came for a quick visit
*boston turned 2
*amanda had a birthday
*dallin had a birthday
*spring break trip to palmyra and niagara falls with dallins family all in a motorhome 
*tate is back in soccer
*dallin got to go to the NCAA championship game (thanks to riley)
*easter fun
*oh yeah and we're having another baby due in september :)

that is our past few months in a nutshell.