Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Well we have this little obsession with pirates lately. Thanks to Booker's Pirate Party, and Miss Cara's pirate day at pre-school. Both were last week, and Tate is still having fun dressing up in his pirate cloths. And to tell you the truth, I kind of have fun playing pirates myself. (sorry no pics of me). Hmmm maybe Halloween just got really easy for me this year? We'll see how long the phase lasts.

Kiki made those cute little treasure bags, and hooks for them all to wear.

After school, Tate and I had a dentist apt. I brought clothes for him to change into, but he had other plans... so this is exactly how he went to the dentist. Hat, eye patch and all. Which I was just fine with. Anything to keep him happy at his first dentist apt. (Which went rather well I might add... I'm proud of my little Tato-bug.)

And yes, we even have a few tats.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Fun with the Cousins

I just love how much Tate loves his cousins. He misses them so much and he loves when he gets to play with them.

Boston really didn't want to be in this picture at all!

Tate and Kaden at a church bball game... GO B53!!
Bos and Ellie both had blow-outs about 5 minutes apart.
So we had to hose them off a little.

This is my brother with the two boys, he gave them both cap guns for Christmas. So he brought his up to the house so they could play some good old fashioned cops and robbers, cowboys and indians... what ever you want to call it. They had fun.
I love the intensity in their faces!
Uncle Jason is such a good buddy.

Tate got to spend lots of time with
Jordyn while we were at Grandma Leslies.
Tate and Jordy doing the Hokey-Pokey
The BIG BOYS were teaching Tate how
to be cool while playing musical chairs.
This looks like Tate is giving us the BIRD, but really he
is giving us a PEACE OUT! Look Closely.
Jordy Tate and Chase playing the bells at
Gma Jackie's Christmas Eve party.
They were concentrating really hard.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

home for christmas

well i guess it's time to update the blog... so here's a summary of whats been going on with us in the last month or so...

we flew home for christmas. it was so exciting. our flight home was so nice. getting to the airport was not so nice. we flew out of Cincinnati at 6 am. so we had to be to the airport by 4 am. which meant we needed to leave our house by 2 am. but because of the weather and dealing with the long term parking dallin insisted that we leave our house by 1 am. which meant no sleep for us. after leaving our house, getting gas, and approaching the freeway on ramp i realized that i forgot tates jacket and extra diapers. so we had to turn around, because two diapers are not enough to make it to bountiful utah.... and of course after the shuttle dropped us off at the airport i realized that i left the stupid diapers that we went back for in the van. what the... i was not very happy. but oh well, we just had to make do with our two diapers. luckily we made it.

we had the whole back half of the plane to ourselves. literally. dallin and tate crashed on one bench and bos and i on the other. we all slept for the majority of the flight. then we woke up with about an hour left. so tate watched a movie, and he didn't even have time to finish it before we landed. we got there early around 7:30 am and went to breakfast with both of our parents. it was so much fun. i can't believe how much i missed everyone.

it was so much fun to see all of our family and friends. tate had so much fun playing with his cousins again. we were so busy the entire time we were there! i feel like there was just one party after the next, as it usually is during the holidays. but i think it was intensified just a little bit this year.
Christmas morning was a lot of fun to see the kids open their presents.

we seriously had so much crap to take home. and we still had to ship some stuff. thank goodness for the airport carts. $3.00 well spent.

i knew our flight back couldn't possibly be any better than our flight there. but i was really hoping for it to be the same. is that so much to ask? really.

well apparently it is... i won't go into all the details but here it is in a nut shell... our flight was delayed. boston didn't sleep a wink. he had diarrhea the whole time. once we flew in we had to drive in a blizzard to our house. we got home at 4 am. and then boston was awake until 6 am. so once again a night without any sleep.
but it wasn't all bad. tate was an angel again. he slept the whole way and was a huge help with the luggage. and we had the best flight attendant ever. she was so helpful with boston. she even held his hands and played with him while i changed his bum. ugh! i'm not sure i could do that.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I promise I will update the blog in a minute... I'm working on it. :)