Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Catching Up

Since I am such a bad blogger, I decided to give month to month highlights from the past few months. All in all we've been doing great. Sam is getting so big so fast, and I hate it. I want her to stay little for ever!

We just ADORE this little person, we can't get enough of her. The boys love to sing and talk to her in the highest pitch voice possible. Sometimes I have to tell them that it's ok to talk to her in a normal voice, she will still smile at you.

February Highlights

This month Dallin and I celebrated our 7th anniversary! WAHOO! love you more than ever baby! Even if I am grouchy sometimes. still love ya.

We also went to the mandiball. (which is a party/formal dance for all the dental school) I don't think I have had that much fun in a long time. I seriously felt like I was in high school again. I know everyone thought I was crazy that night, and maybe I was a little, but it was fun!


This is the best Valentines picture I could get of all three kids. In every shot Tate is sticking out his chest so that EVERY ONE can read his shirt which says THE LADIES LOVE ME. The funny thing about this shirt is that He would not wear it for the first few times I tried to put it on him because he was SO embarrassed that the girls at school would actually think they loved him. But once he realized that would not be the case he fell in love with the shirt and wanted to wear it every day.
Just happy to be here.

We took the fam out on a fancy valentines date to McDonald's. It was wonderful!

And of course it wouldn't be a regular month without another catastrophe from our dear little Bos. I promise we do not beat our children! This one came from the corner of a wall. I should probably stop posting his injuries or someone might just turn us in. haha.
Boston turned 3 this month. There are so many things that we just adore about Bos. He truly is the BOSS of our home. He has got the most energy of any child I have ever known, and a personality to go with it. He makes me laugh every day! He loves to do everything Tate does, and he keeps up pretty well.

Before he woke up Bday morning with his balloons and toys sleeping overhead.

He loved all his presents, especially those that came from UTAH. Thanks to everyone who thought of Boston on his Birthday. We love you!

Monday, March 8, 2010

December Highlights

December was a busy month for us. We had Sams blessing, finals, trip to utah, christmas, ER visits, sickness after sickness, and lot's and lot's of driving!! But it was all very fun. we always love to go home to see family, and let the kids play with their cousins.

Sam's special Day.
Daddy and Sam. I love this picture, cause Sam is giving kissy lips too. So Sweet!

This is not the best picture, but it's the only one I have of our whole family.

Sam is starting to get bigger and so smiley!

Sam and cousin Owen, getting to know each other for the first time.

Tate got his Helmet he was dying to have.

Bos just lovin all the presents.

Nothing wrong with walking around outside in the middle of December with boots, a sward, a football helmet, and no coat... Right?

Did I mention that we drove A LOT!
Boston stayed content with his powdered sugar donuts.

Seriously Tate, that can't be comfortable... yes he really was asleep like that. For a while too.

Thats better, for him anyway. We had to separate the boys on occasion. Lucky me I got to squish into the back seat.

Boston and his black eye.

Happy New Year!!

November Highlights

This month we had a few FIRSTS happen...
Tate lost his first tooth! Very Exciting.
This really isn't a first of anything, just a regular Sunday.
Boston had his first BLACK EAR!
This is seriously a first on so many levels! I have never even seen anything like this before. We were so scared he was going to get cauliflower ear, so we took him in to the ER to get checked out. That however was not B's first ER visit!

I had my first GNO since having Sam. We went to see Twilight and New Moon.

We also had our first Non-Homemade-Thanksgiving Dinner. We went to a water park hotel and had a buffet style Thanksgiving. It was very different than what we are used to, but we loved it and had so much fun. We might just go back next year. :)
...Oh my batteries went dead right when we got there, so i have ZERO pictures of our fun weekend! oh well.

October Highlights

The biggest and best highlight for us was meeting Terrelle Pryor while we were walking through Dicks Sporting Goods. We were on our way home from a little Halloween activity at the church, so the boys were dressed in their jerseys. This was his little conversation with Tate.

TP: hey kid, nice jersey
Tate: thanks
TP: do you know whose jersey that is?
Tate: yeah! it's the quarter backs!
TP: do you know his name?
Tate: Terrelle Pryor!
TP: that's right, well guess what... that's me. nice to meet ya buddy.
Then he tried to shake Tate's hand, and tate just stood there like what the heck is going on!
Me: wait, are you for real? are you really terrelle pryor?
TP: yep, i really am.
So i shook his hand and we talked for a few more minutes about random crap and we took some pictures and went on our way. i know all of you buckeye fans are probably dying that i didn't know it was him to begin with, but in my defense i'm always looking at him from the stadium looking WAY DOWN, and he always has a helmet on!
Anyway, it was pretty cool. I was kind of freaking out, and called probably everyone i knew and told them all about it.
BTW, he was incredibly nice! I was very impressed.

This year for Halloween, the boys wanted to be buckeye football players, so i made Sam a little cheer-leading outfit to match the boys.
So thrilled to be a football player.

Love his little faces he pulls
Sleepy little cheerleader