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Saturday, August 23, 2008


While we were in Utah we went to Yellowstone with my family. We saw lots of animals, went on a few hikes, we drove both loops at least once, and then did some more driving. WOW it has been a while since I have been to Yellowstone, I forgot that's pretty much what you do there DRIVE! But oh my gosh it was fun. I owe my family BIG. Camping without a husband isn't the easiest thing to do. Here are some pictures of the family vacation!

Overlooking one of the waterfalls.

Tate was glad there was a fence right there. Because earlier we were just as close to some buffalo without a fence and he DID NOT have that cute little smile on his face.

Tate, Kaden, and Abbi at the hot pots... so stinky!

This is one of the 4 bears that we saw. We watched this bear cross the road and then climb up the side of the mountain and walk across this log.

Grandpa with all the, overlooking some more waterfalls (that you can't see)

Tate, Kaden, and Ellie just talking a break during one of our hikes.

This is when Tate got his Jr Ranger badge. He had to do a big booklet of worksheets to get this cool badge. It was a lot of fun.

Another bear stopping traffic.

Grandma with the kids in the old faithful lodge.

Bossie just hang'n out.

The kids climbing up a mini mountain.

At the top.

Tate looking at some wildlife.

This elk was SO BIG, I wish I had a good full body shot. I can't believe how close we got to some of the animals. Probably not the smartest thing to do. But we did anyway.

All of us at the camp site.


A few weeks ago, I took the boys home and we surprised my parents with a 2 week visit. We had such a good time. We stayed so busy with friends and family get- together's. We went to Yellowstone, went swimming, went fishing, we had a GNO with my mom and sister to go see Mama Mia, went to a fam reunion in Idaho, and much more. Boston started warming up to everyone just in time for us to leave again. I can't believe how fast two weeks go by when you are busy every day all day. But by the end of the trip we were ready to come home and have a daddy/husband again. We missed you Dallin!! But we still had TONS OF FUN!

I'm a little behind in my blogging, but here are a few pictures from the trip. No. I mean a lot of pictures from the trip.

Tate and Ellie playing batman and princess batgirl. I guess I didn't get a shot of her in her attire.

Abbi taking Bos for a spin.

This was one of our FHE's roasting marshmallow's. I forgot how the lesson applied to the mallow's but it was GOOD! :) Thx Nate.

Scotties 2 year old Wiggly Party.

All the grandkids at Gma & Gpa Rob and Les's

My dad has started this fun little tradition taking the kids fishing each summer to this cute little fish farm in N. Ogden. So they are guaranteed to catch some fish. The kids absolutely LOVE it. It was such a hot day this year.

This is Tates first fish he caught.

Just waiting for the fish to bite.

Look at that proud face.

This was SO hard to get these kids to pose for just one picture with them holding their fishing poles. Mostly because half of them thought they were swards and couldn't keep them still. They just wanted to play 4 MUSKETEERS.

The boys taking a rest after fishing all morning.

This is Boston's new best friend. He just FELL in love with Grandpa this trip. Which came in rather handy, since Dallin wasn't with us. It was nice to have someone else Boston would go to.

Later that day we went to Dallins sisters to go cool off in her pool.

Jordyn Tate and Chase. (Tate loves that he can be classified as one of the BIG kids now.)

This little thing is so cool. It just drives you all over the pool, and Tate loved it.

Alex and Bos

Gma Leslie, Alex, Emma, Wendy, and Bos

All the kids

Sunday, August 17, 2008


On Friday we had Tate's tonsils and adenoids removed. Everything went really well. He was such a good sport and was very cooperative pre-surgery. They gave him a sedative while we were with him. There is something so adorable about a loopy little guy. The surgery only lasted about 15 minutes! After surgery he was pretty mad. He didn't want the IV in his hand, and he just wanted to go home. As soon as we got to the car he was just fine. All in all, it was a success! Here are a few shots from the day. I asked if we could see the tonsils, and they told me it was not allowed, so his nurse snuck my camera back for me to take some pictures of him and the bio hazardous waste... thanks nurse! :0)

yes i know this picture is blurry (the nurse took it)... but i like it anyway. i'm not sure if he is cheering because he is excited, or if he is showing his muscles. either way it shows what a good sport he was, even after they wheeled him away.