Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day

For Memorial day I didn't care what we did, I just wanted the family to go and do something AWAY from our house.  We decided on a REDS GAME, and it was sooo much fun to get away with just our family.  The boys had a blast... all three of them, and so did I.  Cincinnati is such a pretty city, the ball park looks over the Ohio River, and the boys loved watching tug-boats go by all game long.  

The first few minutes of the game our seats were in the HOT SUN.  So we quickly decided to move up higher to some shady seats.
We had ALL YOU CAN EAT seats, which we took FULL advantage of.  I think we went through $50 in just drinks.  For sure the way to go at a ball game!
Here is a view of the river and Kentucky on the other side.  The boys were talking about the blue bridge all game long, so after the game we had to go for a drive over to Kentucky on the blue bridge.

We lasted all the way to the 8th inning, and then decided to head to the hotel to cool off at the pool.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mothers Day

I had a great Mothers Day weekend.  All day on Saturday I was able to take a GIRLS DAY away.  A few friends and I went down to the outlets and shopped all day, and then went to dinner.  When I came home I had this fun surprise waiting for me.  The boys made me some cards for me, and Dallin surprised me with a few fun things. (I kind of thought he forgot ;) )
Tate took this picture of me so just pretend the top of my head is in the picture!

The boys hard at work.

Oh and one last Mothers day gift... a few days earlier we found out that we are having a GIRL!!  I really didn't expect a girl, but we are so excited, and it made my shopping day that much more fun.  I think Tate was the most excited of all of us when we found out.  He has been telling us it's a girl the entire time.