Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My funny Tate

So this is Tate driving his tractor in the back yard. His favorite thing to do is to drive circles around the swing set and crash through the swings. As you can see on his face, he just closes his eyes and prays they don't come back to smack him in the face. (and yes sometimes they do). He has graduated from 1st gear to 2nd gear. We took the governor off so now he flies!!!

Here are a few of the funny things Tate has said and
done in the last little while.

Hey Mom, do you want to see my 'Pepper'" -summer salt-

"I think I need to walk for a minute. Cause I still have my walking
batteries... but I runned out of my running batteries." -as we were walking back
to our car from the OSU game. -

"That was handsome close." -pretty close-

As we were checking out from Walmart, there was a couple that walked past
Tate. The guy was wearing a Yankees' hat and the girl was wearing a Yankees'
shirt. Tate, in his Red Sox hat yelled at them "Boo Yankees" and gave
them a thumbs down. The couple thought it was pretty funny that a 3 year old was
trash talking on his rival team.

This is a clip of Tate and chubby Bos. I was trying to film Boston pounding his feet, and Tate kept trying to get in the picture saying cheese... cheese ...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

What we've been up to

Ok, so I'm trying this blog thing. I really don't know what I'm doing, but I'll give it a shot.

So we've been here in Ohio for about three months now, and we are having lots of fun. We have met a lot of new friends. And we have kept really busy with home improvement projects. We painted our main level. (all but one room) eventually we will move upstairs with the paint but for now I'm sick of it. We also built a deck in our back yard. Well Dallin (and a few friends) built it and I kind of supervised. I still like to thing I was important in the building process though. (i will put up more pics later.)

Tate was a big help on both projects!!

Tate started pre-school a few weeks ago, and he loves it. He thinks he is so cool! He just goes friday mornings for a few hours. So Thursday nights he is so excited to go to bed because he knows he gets to go to school in the morning. Wow, I wish pre-school was every morning. ha ha

He doesn't look excited at all!

Dallin started his orientation week this week. We had his white coat ceremony Monday night, it was a lot of fun. Then next week he is diving into the real deal. School actually starts after being here 3 mo. I don't know what I am going to do. I've been so used to having him home. We have been an a 3 month long vacation. So now I'm afraid it might actually set in that we are away from home. (Utah that is. Dallin always tells me that this is home now. but you know what i mean) Luckily I have made some really good friends that have promised to keep me busy so I don't get too home sick.

So there is a lot more to say but I will have to post again later. Love ya everyone!!!!

ok, so yesterday we went to our first buckeye football game, and OH MY HECK it was so much fun. we were there like 3 hours early so that we could tailgate and stuff, we also went to a pep rally to see the team, coach, and TBDBITL. (for those of you who don't know, that stands for The Best Damn Band In The Land.) and truly they are!

So after the pep rally, we headed over to The Shoe to find our seats. we were one of the first to get seated in the stadium. (like an hour and a half early)

Nice seats Huh!!!

i wish
these were are real seats in the nose bleed section,

but we loved every minute of it!

here are some of the pics from our LONG day

just eat'n a dog at the game

he was pretty excited to be at a real live football game (messy face and all)

but that didn't last long, he was pooped before the game even started

he decided to crash on the bleachers

sorry boston, we had to leave you home.

cute!! BFF

just waiting for the game to start...1 hr 32 min. and counting. no wonder tate was so board.

dal and tate in our wanna be seats

my little man

one last pic of all of us. TJ, Dal, Me, and Tate

i had to put one picture of the best damn band in the land dotting the "I" in Ohio

they put on quite a production