Thursday, November 13, 2008


we did so many fun things this halloween. we first went to the boo at the zoo while my parents were in town. it was so great to see BATMAN. oh my gosh, tate just about had a heart attack, he was so excited to see the real batman.

i know this is a blurry picture, but i love the excitement on his face.

as you can see he was just mesmerized by THE BATMAN

then we got to trick or treat throughout the zoo.

we went over to some friends to carve pumpkins.

we had "beggars night"on the 30th in our neighborhood. (don't ask me why we all can't trick or treat on the same night, they do things weird out here in ohio.

here's dallin getting ready to take the boys out

worn out after all the trick or treating. (and it was dang cold that night)

then on halloween night we went over to our friends neighborhood to trick or treat.

here's batman, mr incredible, and hon solo running from house to house.

boston and taylee...gracie girl i missed getting your picture

and after all that trick or treating we then on to another friends house for yummy cider and donuts. boston wanted to spoon feed himself the entire cup of hot chocolate.

oh and i forgot to mention that dallin and i dressed up as batgirl and the joker for a party we went to (thanks kiki), but i don't have a picture of that yet. too bad! ... or i just don't want to go to the effort to get the picture to show you. ;)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


yesterday, i was trying to take a quick shower while the kids were watching letter factory. it is so rare that i actually get 10 minutes alone to take a shower, but that's besides the point. so while i'm in showering, for one reason or another, tate came in to talk to me, which is fine. well apparently he didn't close the door when he left because about 3 minutes later i hear boston's little voice saying "wa-wa wa-wa mmmm" i throw the shower curtain open and scream because boston had found a medicine cup on the counter and had been drinking water from the TOILET!!
i know he is not the first toddler to drink toilet water, but he is my first toddler to drink toilet water! i don't know why, but tate never had a fetish with toilets like boston does. i cannot leave the bathroom door open for 5 seconds because that little man will beat me to the potty every single time. he's like a magnet.

Friday, November 7, 2008


WOW, two months just flew by and then I realized... Oh yeah, I have a blog! Here are a few things we have been up to... so everyone can stop HARASSING me.

*We had Dallins cousins/friends in town.
*Hurricane Ike destroyed our big tree and the siding on our house.
*Dallin and I both had a spell of Bronchitis.
*Soccer season came and went for Tate.
*OSU Football
*Boston is into everything, and starting to talk a bit.
*My parents came to visit... oh so fun.
*Halloween with Batman and Robin.
*And 2 nights of trick or treating!

Now hopefully I can get a blog post for a few of these and still try to stay with the current happenings of our lives.