Saturday, November 7, 2009

Time for an update.

I can't believe it has already been almost 7 weeks since Sam was born. I've been meaning to post ever since i came home from the hospital, but it obviously hasn't happened. She is such a good baby, she sleeps great, eats great, and when she is awake she just sits there and hardly makes a peep. (knock on wood) I keep waiting for her true colors to show, but maybe we just got lucky and have a super good baby.
Labor and Delivery...
So the day of the 21st my contractions started, I labored at home for a while, then we finally got to the hospital at 10:00 that night. I was at a 5, then we waited around for about an hour until the anesthesiologist got there... way too long! I was at an 8 by time they gave me the epidural. Then we had her shortly after that. 11:43 pm!

this is Liz the midwife who delivered us... actually, she let Dallin do most of the work. It was pretty cool. She said to him, "So I know you are used to working at the other end, but glove up and come help me out." So Dallin was officially the first person to ever hold Sam, and then he laid her up on my chest.

Her first night home with us.

My mom flew in the day we came home from the hospital, and she stayed and took care of all of us for about a week and a half. I loved having her here, she cooked, cleaned, organized, did laundry and entertained the boys non stop. Everyone needs a lady like her in their lives!! It was wonderful.
Then Dallin's parents came out to visit. Which meant more entertainment for the boys (and us). We went down to the aquarium in Kentucky. It was awesome. I think i might have liked it more than the boys. Dallin took Rob to the Buckeye Game while Leslie and I shopped and took the kids to get ice cream... mmmm Graeter's
Dallin and Rob on their way to the Game.

After they left town we had yet more visitor's. Four of Dallin's friends from home came out to stay with us for their yearly GUYS WEEKEND. It was fun to have them here and once again the kids loved it. I think I forgot to take any pictures of them this time, so here is one from last year. My kids absolutely love these guys, they love it when they come in to town.
Sorry Poke you are not in this picture.

All in all it has been a VERY busy but very fun month.
More to come on just Sam. :)


cheeks said...

yay for an update on the blog! i'm so glad we get to see you guys more than the poor blog-readers that don't live around the corner! ha ha! WHAT....just cuz you have 3 kids you can't find time to blog?!?!? ha ha! :) Little Sam is gorgeous....and so are you my dear! SO, how on earth do you look so freaking good after pushin a baby out?? you'll have to tell me your secrets before i have another!

Whitney. said...

Amanda Sam is absolutely GORGEOUS! I can't wait to meet her so soon and share stories! I love ya and miss ya so much!!

The Hillstrom family said...

Holy cow!! Congrats you guys! She is so cute and we are so happy for you! I hope Ohio is treating you nice- we miss it! Nice to see your blog and see whats going on with your adorable family :)

Perry's said...

You are right it was high time for an update!! K now more pics of that cute Sammy girl before she turns 5 :)!! Love all the pics!

Bayles Clan said...

oh i know this is late but congrats! that is great and yeah for girls! i hope you have a great time with her!

Taunya and Ian said...

Did Dallin where his poncho this time? That story is still so funny!

Bethany said...

Oh man! She is beautiful! I love her name by the way. I'm sad we missed you when you were in town. Your midwife is awesome for letting Dallin do so much. Tell Dallin I think he's brave to have participated so much. I don't think Kelly would have dared. Hope your holidays were great! Your kids are going to be teenagers the next time I see you guys. Your boys are getting sooo cute!