Monday, March 8, 2010

October Highlights

The biggest and best highlight for us was meeting Terrelle Pryor while we were walking through Dicks Sporting Goods. We were on our way home from a little Halloween activity at the church, so the boys were dressed in their jerseys. This was his little conversation with Tate.

TP: hey kid, nice jersey
Tate: thanks
TP: do you know whose jersey that is?
Tate: yeah! it's the quarter backs!
TP: do you know his name?
Tate: Terrelle Pryor!
TP: that's right, well guess what... that's me. nice to meet ya buddy.
Then he tried to shake Tate's hand, and tate just stood there like what the heck is going on!
Me: wait, are you for real? are you really terrelle pryor?
TP: yep, i really am.
So i shook his hand and we talked for a few more minutes about random crap and we took some pictures and went on our way. i know all of you buckeye fans are probably dying that i didn't know it was him to begin with, but in my defense i'm always looking at him from the stadium looking WAY DOWN, and he always has a helmet on!
Anyway, it was pretty cool. I was kind of freaking out, and called probably everyone i knew and told them all about it.
BTW, he was incredibly nice! I was very impressed.

This year for Halloween, the boys wanted to be buckeye football players, so i made Sam a little cheer-leading outfit to match the boys.
So thrilled to be a football player.

Love his little faces he pulls
Sleepy little cheerleader

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