Monday, March 8, 2010

November Highlights

This month we had a few FIRSTS happen...
Tate lost his first tooth! Very Exciting.
This really isn't a first of anything, just a regular Sunday.
Boston had his first BLACK EAR!
This is seriously a first on so many levels! I have never even seen anything like this before. We were so scared he was going to get cauliflower ear, so we took him in to the ER to get checked out. That however was not B's first ER visit!

I had my first GNO since having Sam. We went to see Twilight and New Moon.

We also had our first Non-Homemade-Thanksgiving Dinner. We went to a water park hotel and had a buffet style Thanksgiving. It was very different than what we are used to, but we loved it and had so much fun. We might just go back next year. :)
...Oh my batteries went dead right when we got there, so i have ZERO pictures of our fun weekend! oh well.


Darci Morgan said...

Poor Boston!! How did that happen to his ear?

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